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- Movement: wasd, left joystick

- Jump: space bar, A button, Left trigger and Left bumper

- Use Powerup: left mouse button, right trigger

- Swap Powerups: q, alt, right mouse button, Right bumper

- Look: mouse axis, right joystick

- Pause: esc, p, start button

- Respawn at Last Checkpoint: r, B button

- Restart Race: t, Back/Select button

Power Ups:

- Boost: Gives the player a temporary boost in the direction they are facing. Boost into another player to get a point

- Missile: Gives the player a 1 shot missile

- EMP: Disabled other players input for 3 seconds when activated in range(3m), knock victims out of bounds to receive a point

- Jump: Gives player a "super" jump

- Shield: Protects player from all offensive weapons (missile, emp, boosted hit)


- Multiplayer Hosting: To host games over the internet, please forward port 7777 UDP on your router to your local machine.

- Race Mode: Navigate the course, activate checkpoints, and finish as quickly as possible. Your objective is to get par time.

- Battle Mode: Multiplayer free-for-all. Get the highest score in 5 minutes.

- Delayed Jump: When the player rolls off an edge, or bounces off the ground, as long as the player didn't jump into the air they will be able to use a secondary jump that can be used while in the air. One time use but resets when the player comes back in contact with the ground.

- Blue/Red powerups: Blue containers randomly spawn a jump or a shield powerup. Red containers randomly spawn a missile, boost, or emp.

Thank you for playing!

Please take a moment and provide some feedback! We would really appreciate that.

You can contact us directly at contact@ocgamestudio.com

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Published360 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D Platformer, Action, Multiplayer, Physics, rolling, Singleplayer
Player countSingleplayer


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I'm surprised this game isn't more popular, because this is some quality marble physics work. I've really been enjoying it so far. It even has the mild rage inducing quality of marble games! (Because if you can relax with a game like this, you're doing it wrong.)

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the kind words Skydjinn! We're hoping to have something big very soon!

Best of luck on that. These types of games are always a good time.

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So, about that mild rage inducing quality I praised before...

In the Expert map 'The Climb'...what is expected of the player exactly? Even compared to the previous Expert maps, it feels like a rather steep jump in skill/difficulty. I've managed Gold or Platinum in all previous maps and it still took me quite a while just to get Bronze. Silver is almost a minute less and feels impossible.(I don't even want to think about Gold...)

I applaud ambition, but...wow, that map.

Also! I found a possible issue. Some checkpoints are able to be hit from below and will respawn you in that under section, dropping you to your doom every time. Sorry if you are already aware, but it felt important to share.