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I'm surprised this game isn't more popular, because this is some quality marble physics work. I've really been enjoying it so far. It even has the mild rage inducing quality of marble games! (Because if you can relax with a game like this, you're doing it wrong.)

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the kind words Skydjinn! We're hoping to have something big very soon!

Best of luck on that. These types of games are always a good time.

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So, about that mild rage inducing quality I praised before...

In the Expert map 'The Climb'...what is expected of the player exactly? Even compared to the previous Expert maps, it feels like a rather steep jump in skill/difficulty. I've managed Gold or Platinum in all previous maps and it still took me quite a while just to get Bronze. Silver is almost a minute less and feels impossible.(I don't even want to think about Gold...)

I applaud ambition,, that map.

Also! I found a possible issue. Some checkpoints are able to be hit from below and will respawn you in that under section, dropping you to your doom every time. Sorry if you are already aware, but it felt important to share.

Hey Skydjinn, sorry for the late response! I'm glad to hear about your experience. Thank you so much! Let us know if you have a copy of the full game on steam yet.. We'd like to provide a copy to you.

Oh, wow, I totally missed it going up on Steam! No, I don't have a copy of it yet.

The game is totally worth buying but, if you're volunteering a freebie, I'd gladly accept.